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Ambient partners with systems integrators, smart grid technology vendors and communications service providers to deliver best in class, end-to-end smart grid technology solutions for our customers. The flexibility of our core communications platform provides substantial opportunity for existing and new partners to jointly deploy industry-leading, smart grid solutions for utilities worldwide. Read on...

We Are The Smart Grid Leader

Ambient Corporation is an award-winning provider
of smart grid communications technology for utilities.

Our innovative platform enables utilities to deploy and integrate multiple smart grid applications and technologies, in parallel on a single communications infrastructure, supporting Smart Metering, Distribution Automation, Distribution Management, Demand Response, Distributed Generation and more.

The Ambient Smart Grid® communications platform:

  • Delivers real-time network visibility and control
  • Provides substantial flexibility to ensure interoperability
  • Minimizes upfront infrastructure costs
  • Reduces communications and operations costs
  • Facilitates improved power quality across the grid
  • Preserves the integrity of utility investments

Ultimately, the Ambient Smart Grid platform provides utilities a foundation for scaling and developing their smart grid initiatives. Read on...

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