AmbientPQM™ - The Intelligent Choice for Proactive Grid Management

In a changing and challenging power environment  with increased electricity demand and adoption of renewable and low carbon technologies; distribution grids are under stress, and utilities are under pressure to maintain and improve efficiency, reliability and avoid or defer costly infrastructure upgrades. The Ambient advanced Power Quality Monitoring Solution - AmbientPQM facilitates real-time visibility of distribution networks for proactive grid management to help surmount these challenges and ensure continued quality of customer service.

AmbientPQM Benefits

  • Enables remote monitoring in real time
  • Extensive power quality parameters accurately measured for actionable data
  • Early warning of power quality issues
  • Helps prevent outages and protect assets
  • Supports Volt/VAR optimization
  • Enhances speed of restoration after outages reducing Customer Minutes Lost (CML)
  • Easy and quick installation with no outage required
  • Part of an extensible and flexible platform for multiple smart grid applications optimizing return on investment (ROI)

AmbientPQM is a combination of software and hardware (PQM application, Ambient Smart Grid Nodes, and Sensors) that enables utilities and distribution network operators to measure an array of power quality parameters on medium and/or low voltage distribution grids – on overhead and/or underground lines and at distribution substations or transformers.

AmbientPQM software is an integral application that is hosted on our Smart Grid Node family and integrated within the AmbientNMS® to facilitate configuration, management, analysis and transfer of collected data on the sensing parameters needed. Data collection, reporting and alerts for each of the sensing parameters are highly configurable - with users being able to customize as required.

The AmbientPQM solution is quick and simple to install. The AmbientPQM application works with both Ambient‘s own and 3rd Party sensors. No power outage is required to fit typical sensors, and equipment is suitable for outdoor utility environments.                                                                                    

Ambient provides the necessary level of engineering, software support, training to ensure our solution demonstrates its full potential.


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