Ambient Smart Grid® Nodes

The Ambient Smart Grid Nodes are purpose-built network devices, with advanced processing capability and memory, designed to support utility communications and multiple applications on the distribution grid. The Nodes are configured to act as individual data collectors and processors that send and receive signals to and from other networked devices and to the Utility’s Network Operations Center.

 The Ambient Smart Grid Node Family                                   

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Ambient Smart Grid Node  Ambient Smart Grid Node (pad-mount)  

Ambient Smart Grid Node™
(pole top)

Ambient Smart Grid Node™           
(pad mount)

Ambient MiniNode  Ambient MiniNode  Ambient MiniNode

Ambient MiniNode™

Ambient MiniNode™
(indoor, 2 serial port model)

Ambient MiniNode™
(indoor, 8 additional serial port model)

Ambient MicroNode  Ambient MicroNode  

Ambient MicroNode™
(model X-32MI)

Ambient MicroNode™
(model X-32MI-X)

                                        images not to scale


The Ambient Smart Grid Node family are all capable of being managed remotely by the AmbientNMS® (Network Management System) or other SNMP based systems. The Nodes can deliver upstream and downstream high-speed data communications using a variety of wired and wireless technologies, including Serial, Ethernet, PLC, cellular, Wi-Fi or RF. The range of communications technologies available depends on the particular Node selected. Each Node is a modular device that can be configured for different roles within the network.

The communications nodes can also contain Ambient Utility Applications or third party embedded smart grid applications.

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Data security and data integrity are addressed at all levels of the system. Safety and compliance with regulatory requirements are integrated throughout the design, development, manufacture and deployment processes of all of our equipment and software. Ambient Smart Grid Nodes are regularly tested and certified with applicable United States, Canadian and European Union safety standards for information technology equipment.


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