Tomorrow’s Smart Grid Communications Solution, Here Today.

The Ambient Smart Grid® communications platform, which includes hardware, and software elements, provides the network platform to effectively manage smart grid applications. The flexible nature of our technology allows for the seamless integration of smart grid applications into our communications nodes themselves. Ambient Smart Grid® Communications Platform

The Ambient Smart Grid® communications platform is the result of a decade's worth of research, development and real-world experience. Capable of supporting rapid deployment and expansion, the Ambient Smart Grid communications platform empowers utilities to deploy multiple applications across the same core network communications infrastructure, and allows for the easy integration of future applications and smart grid solutions.

Ambient System Architecture

Connecting the Smart Grid

The Ambient Smart Grid® provides utilities and grid operators a high-speed communications network, capable of delivering critical data from networked grid assets in real time. With Ambient's open standards-based architecture, utilities can pick and choose the smart grid solution best suited for their unique infrastructure plans, now and in the future.

From demand response and real-time pricing to load management and outage monitoring and restoration, the Ambient Smart Grid enables a multitude of applications by leveraging multiple technologies including cellular, Radio Frequency (RF), Wi-Fi, power line communications (PLC), and accommodates direct serial or Ethernet connections as well.

Core elements of the Ambient Smart Grid solution include:

Ambient Smart Grid Nodes

AmbientNMS® (Network Management System)

Ambient® Utility Applications


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