At Ambient, we are continuously enhancing our hardware and software solutions to help meet the needs of the electric, gas and water utilities. Our smart grid platform enables multiple applications, and also supports various communication technologies simultaneously - providing greater operational efficiency, improving ROI, as well as improving grid reliability and enhancing customer benefits.

Download the Ambient Platform Overview
Review our technology which enables unparalleled versatility in grid communications and data control for utilities.

Download the Distributed Intelligence White Paper
Read about the Ambient Smart Grid Node™ which enables choice between distributed intelligence architecture, and centralized control for operational and cost efficiency.

Download the Duke Energy: Developing the Communications Platform White Paper
See how Duke Energy Enables a More Intelligent Electric Grid via the Ambient Communications and Applications Platform.

Download the Ambient Security Factsheet
Discover how Ambient incorporates 3 design principles that secure the smart grid.

Download the Ambient Surge Protection Factsheet
Find out about features that increase the long term survivability of the Ambient Smart Grid Node in the presence of surges.

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